Interviews / Media

Leadership is Key to Practice Success. Review of Optometric Business. March 21, 2018 (click to link).

Dr. Steve Vargo Talks Eye on Leadership. Defocus Media Podcast. February 11, 2019 (click to link).

But I Don’t Sell. Optical Business News Podcast. (click to link).

More Ways to Motivate Your Own Eyecare Business Team. Invision Podcast. February 13, 2019 (click to link).

Managing the Stress of Practice Ownership with Dr. Steve Vargo, OD, MBA. 20/20 Money. April 18, 2019 (click to link).

Avoiding the Practice Leadership Void. Review of Optometric Business. April 24, 2019 (click to link).

ODs Can Sell. Review of Optometric Business. June 5, 2019 (click to link).

How Rethinking Your Patient Interaction Can Influence Change and Improve Your Practice with Dr. Steve Vargo, OD. 20/20 Money. June 15, 2020 (click to link).

Why Some Pratices Excel and Some Don’t. Insight Marketing Group, episode 236 (click to link).

Dr. Steve Vargo shares his 4th book, Prescribing Change: How to Make Connections, Influence Decisions and Get Patients to Buy into Change. Defocus Media Podcast. July 14, 2020 (click to link).

Prescribing Change – Dr. Steve Vargo. The Optical Journal Podcast. July 31, 2020 (click to link).

Becoming a 5 Star Doctor. Try Not to Blink Podcast. August 10, 2020 (click to link).

Prescribe Change and CONNECT with Patients. Four Eyes Podcast, episode 22. August 19, 2020 (click to link).

Prescribing Change with Steve Vargo, OD, MBA. Physician’s Guide to Doctoring. October 7, 2020 (click to link).

The Most Common Leadership Mistakes & How To Fix Them in 5 Simple Steps w/ Steve Vargo. The Positive Leadership Movement. October 21, 2020 (click to link).

Building your leadership team: how to remove yourself from day-to-day decision making in your office. 20/20 Money. March 29, 2021 (click to link).

Adding an associate: why, when and how. 20/20 Money. September 27, 2021 (click to link).

Prescribing Change: How to Influence Decisions of Patients with Dr. Steve Vargo. The 20/20 Podcast. November 30, 2021 (click to link).

Measuring and Improving Productivity in Your Practice with Dr. Steve Vargo. The 20/20 Money Podcast. January 17, 2023 (click to link).

Causes and Impact of Burnout with Dr. Steve Vargo. The 20/20 Podcast. April 25, 2023 (click to link).

Elevate Your Business with Dr. Steve Vargo. The 20/20 Podcast. August 8, 2023 (click to link).

How to Deliver Bad News to Patients. Independent Strong. March 5, 2024 (click to link).