But I Don’t Sell

for Healthcare Professionals

Get patients to “buy into” your products and services (without being salesy).

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We’re all in sales, but…

Forget everything you’ve been taught about selling!

Well, not ALL of it, but much of it just doesn’t work. In fact, research has found that many of the tactics used by salespeople actually REDUCE the likelihood of a sale.

If you’re not comfortable selling, then this course is for you! The focus of this course is not on traditional selling tactics, but rather becoming a better communicator.

Doctors may not identify as salespeople, but they nonetheless have to “sell” people on change. Every day, healthcare professionals attempt to move people to take actions that improve their health and well-being.

They do this through education, but if you educate a patient and nothing changes, did you really make an impact?

What if you changed the way you communicated with patients, and as a result you were more effective at inspiring people to take action?

Rooted in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and human nature, this course will teach you to be a more effective communicator.

A mentor of mine once told me if you can communicate well, you can get anything you want in life. While that may have been a bit of an overstatement, the message stuck with me.

Having worked with hundreds of doctors across the country, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of effective patient communication skills in the exam room.

Becoming a skilled communicator will make you more influential, more impactful, and more money.

Is Patient Education Overrated?

Doctors and healthcare professionals spend a great deal of time educating patients.

The goal of educating is often to get the patient to do or change something. Lose weight. Stop smoking. Invest in something that will benefit the patient’s health or well-being.

If patients always do what you want them to do, you probably don’t need this course.

If you’re like the other 99% of healthcare professionals who frequently struggle with getting patients to comply with their recommendations, then let’s go beyond just educating patients.

Patient education only guarantees people will hear what you say. Effective communication skills increase the chances people will DO what you say.

But I Don’t Sell for Healthcare Professionals by Dr. Steve Vargo

…is a course designed to help healthcare professionals understand the science and psychology of getting people to take action on the information they provide. Information is important, but information without action is useless.

This course will help you:

  • Understand how and why people make decisions (including healthcare decisions)
  • Communicate more effectively in the exam room
  • Gain influence and trust with patients
  • Get people to WANT more information from you
  • Ultimately, get people to ACT on the information you provide

Is this program for me?

Great question! Let me quickly go over the five types of people this course is built for so you can determine if it’s a fit…

  1. You want more patients to act on your professional advice (not just politely nod their head)
  2. You sell healthcare products or services, and you want to sell more of those
  3. You want to improve compliance and enhance patient outcomes
  4. You want to truly impact more patients by getting results (ones that they will likely tell others about)
  5. You’re experiencing burnout and want to rediscover the joy of truly impacting the lives of your patients
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So, how does this work?

9 audio lessons you can listen to at your convenience. In total, there are approximately 3 hours of content.

PDF files for additional learning accompany each lesson.

At the end of each lesson is an assignment. This course is about taking immediate ACTION!

There will be a group chat where you can share your ideas, ask questions and learn from others who are enrolled in the course.

Unlimited text message support with our communication coaches.

By the end of the course, you’ll not only have the skills to communicate more effectively with patients, but anyone you aspire to positivily impact.

Ready to make a positive change?

Let me introduce myself and share why I am committed to helping you

I’m Steve. Nice to meet you. I’ll bet we have a few things in common. As healthcare professionals, we probably share a common interest in wanting to help people. Not just feed them facts and data as if they were information receptacles, but rather make a real impact on their health, well-being and quality of life. And I’ll admit it, I’m not opposed to having a financially rewarding career in healthcare. How about you?

Here’s the problem. Your success both clinically and financially directly correlates with your ability to get people to take action. What happens when patients don’t follow your recommendations? When they opt to not purchase the products or services you sell? When you’re not getting the kind of results that lead to patients raving about you to others? In these scenarios, nobody wins.

The SCIENCE of making connections, influencing decisions and getting the patient’s buy-in is not something they teach in schools. This is why I created this course.

In total, I spent close to three years doing research for 2 of the books I wrote, Prescribing Change and the Amazon #1 best seller But I Don’t Sell. This course is built on many of those scientific principles.

Anyone can learn and apply this. If you want to change outcomes (and lives), you have to start by changing how you communicate.

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Change starts with you, but doesn’t start until you do.