In episode 14 of “Can I Ask You One Question?”, I ask Dr. Amanda Nanasy, Director of the Florida Institute of Sports Vision, how to attract more athletes to a sports vision practice.

Below are the key points from the interview. Scroll down to see the entire interview.

Dr. Nanasy outlines provides 5 steps to attracting more athletes.

1. Find your target

Think about the schools in your area. They all have sports teams.

Ask yourself, “Who am I going to approach?” For Dr. Nanasy, it’s usually the athletic training staff. These are the ones responsible for working with the athletes on a daily basis. Also, they’re not just responsible for how they play on the field, but also keeping them safe.

2.  Schedule your meeting

Make them aware of everything you can do for that team.

You could simply send a card or email, but Dr. Nansasy stresses an in person meeting.

“I can’t recommend enough meeting with them in person.”

Dr. Nanasy gave the example of doing a lunch and learn, possibly with a Powerpoint and handouts.

3.  Discuss what you can do for their athletes.

For example, reduced vision in one eye can be a safety issue for athletes that need full peripheral awareness. An example would be a wide receiver taking a blind side hit.

Another example, a player with a red eye. Are they safe to go into the locker room or will that expose others on the team?

Dr. Nansy gives other examples in the video below.

“Once you let them know WHY, you’re more likely to get those referrals.”

4.  Be accessible

Give them a good way to contact you.

These are often urgent matters, such as a recent injury. These are emergencies that can’t wait.

Dr. Nanasy has given her cell number to trainers and even has a special “sports vision phone” with a special ring.

This might require you seeing a patient during luch or off hours, but you need to cater to this group.

5.  Get the records over to the referring trainer or coach.

Once you’ve established that you will see these patients and take care of them, the communication with the coaches and trainers will drive more referrals.

This creates potential for more opportunities like a formal partnership with the school, but first you have to demonstrate what you can do.

Watch the interview below:


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