Are you taking a one-size-fits-all approach with your patients? It might be time to reevaluate that.

In episode 12 of “Can I Ask You One Question?”, I ask Dr. Solomon Gould about his approach with younger patients – a demographic that sometimes frustrates practice owners who haven’t adjusted to changing trends and consumer expectations.

Below are the key points from the interview. Scroll down to see the entire interview.

Gen Zers, those aged 25 or younger, are currently the largest demographic. They outnumber the second largest demographic, the Millennials, by roughly 1 million.

Dr. Gould developed a Marketing Plan, an Operational Plan and a Practice Plan to address both acquiring these patients and also working intelligently with them.


Millennials love digital communication. They are by far the greatest contributors to, and adopters of, telemedicine.

The simple ability to, at any time in their schedule, ask a question and have it answered by someone on your team is very attractive to this demographic.

These technologies are not expensive, and this small investment can increase the influx of these patients by a good margin.

Millennials are more willing to spend if they see that there’s a social cause behind what you’re doing.

Make patients aware that you are contributing a certain percentage of the profits towards something great.

Millenials are driven by discounts. Some research has shown that doing a discount of 30% off a product increases your chances of a Millennial buying that product by at least 62%.

They are price conscious and will know the prices of competitors when they walk in the door, so the price must be right.

Gen Zers

Gen Zers do not like idealism. When they see posts from companies, they like to see non-idealistic “organic” posts and marketing efforts.

“Gen Zers are the saving grace of brick and mortar modality of consumerism.”

They prefer to shop in store. They enjoy the brick and mortar retail experience.

Gen Zers are financially intelligent beyond all generations

Meet these 2 criteria with Gen Zers:

  1. Give them a great in-store experience.
  2. Support something that is either a social cause or environmentally sustainable product.

 Watch the interview below:


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