What ocular disease has the largest potential return on investment for an optometric practice?

In the latest episode of Can I Ask You One Question?, I asked Dr. Eric Botts (CEO of OBC Billing Specialists) for his take on what ocular disease has the greatest ROI potential.

Below are the key points from the interview. Scroll down to see the entire interview.

According to Dr. Botts, the answer is dry eye / ocular surface disease.

Dr. Botts points toward technology as being a major factor, making diagnosing and treating dry eye so much easier.

“The technology has improved so much with dry eye.”

Dr. Botts sees about 300 dry eye patients a year and does no marketing.

Prior to bringing in technology like InflammaDry, Tearlab and meibography, he states he was probably neglecting a lot of these patients by giving them artificial tears and telling them he’d see them in a year.

The ability to quantify results (having a number to give patients) generates interest and curiosity on return visits.

He used the analogy of blood pressure. When people understand what’s normal and make lifestyle changes, they want to know if they’re improving.

From a financial standpoint, most of these procedures are billable, and office visits are billed each time as well.

In addition to the procedures mentioned above, Dr. Botts does 600 – 700 punctal occlusions a year and occasional amniotic membranes.

In the video, Dr. Botts reveals the annual revenue he generates from dry eye patients alone.

The ROI goes beyond financial incentives, it’s an opportunity to enhance clinical outcomes and make a real difference for patients.

“I love the fact that patients are appreciating the care that I’m giving them.”

Dr. Botts created a “dry eye protocol.” When someone presents with symptoms of dry eye, they are immediately put into the protocol.

A good protocol involves your staff asking the right questions during pre-testing.

The patient’s responses trigger the process of diagnosing their dry eye issues.

Is it time for you to make a deeper investment into dry eye – for you AND your patients?

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