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Having performed over 3,000 consultations with hundreds of practices, I started to ask the difficult questions. How do clinicians truly make an impact with the patients they serve? Was the answer better technology? Better training? Better systems? These are important, but the more I studied healthcare professionals who built successful practices while consistently improving the lives of the patients they serve, the more I understood the critical role of connection, influence and ultimately getting patients to buy into change. Information doesn’t improve lives, change does.

Change Your Communication.
Change Your Outcomes.

As healthcare becomes increasingly transactional and impersonal, doctors who can effectively connect with patients and inspire positive change will be at a significant advantage both clinically and financially.

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Become More Influential

Eye care professionals are not trained salespeople, yet they are tasked with selling people every day. This can involve recommending sunglasses to a cataract patient, getting a glaucoma patient to be more compliant with eyedrops, or marketing new technology. Blending years of research in neuroscience and consumer psychology, this book provides a scientifically proven framework for becoming more persuasive and influential with ALL your recommendations.

Become An Effective Leader

Leadership is critical to business success, yet many leaders lack the necessary skills to get the best performance out of their employees. In fact, poor leadership skills lead to most of the problems I hear pertaining to staff. This book takes you through five critical areas of leadership. Being an effective leader is easier than you may imagine, once you know what it is that you need to be doing!

Manage Employees Better

One of the greatest challenges for practice owners is staff management. I’ve seen countless owners and managers struggle to lead and manage employees, leading to a practice that consistently underperforms. A well-managed team is often the difference between success and mediocrity in practice ownership. This book teaches you how to avoid the common mistakes and do things right the first time.